Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Sugar Cookies (a.k.a. another purplish dessert)

I was supposed to Join Tasha for a little sugar cookie making get together yesterday, but sadly she has a cold and wasn't feeling up to it. She'd already made a double batch of her delicious sugar cookie dough though (a regular batch usually makes what feels like hundreds, especially when you go to ice them), so she gave some of the dough away. Chris and I made heart shaped cookies together.

We iced them using Tasha's great idea of coloring the icing with prickly pear juice (which we still have a freezer full of from last summer: if you missed our prickly pear adventure, click here and here).

So, the cookies turned out a very vibrant pink without any artificial food coloring. We sent most of the cookies in to school with Chris so he should share them with the other teachers (and so we wouldn't have to eat so many, as much as I would like to...).

Happy Valentine's Day! And Thank you Tasha for the cookie dough!!


glo said...

Beautiful! Wow - you could sell that PP juice as a cancer free food coloring - what a cool idea and what a great color!

natasha said...

Wow! Those turned out beautifully! When I used prickly pear as food coloring, I was way more timid and ended up with more of a carnation pink. I LOVE the richness of the fuchsia you guys ended up with. Bravo!

Chris said...

I'm so sad. I'm out of cookies.