Saturday, February 28, 2009

Early Spring Desert

The flowers have not really started to bloom in their full glory yet this year, but we went on a little morning hike yesterday to a trail we've never been on before and definitely enjoyed the eighty degree weather. It's already warm enough in Tucson to leave the doors open all day and turn off the heater for good.

Chris took these photos of me on our hike yesterday. I seriously don't think my belly looks that big. I think he must have been doing some tricks with the camera...

Chris also took this great picture of a fairy duster.

We're really enjoying this desert springtime weather. Hiking and swimming have been feeling really great. The baby is moving a whole lot lately. He seems very aware of what's going on. Often if he's awake and we nudge him a little with our hands he'll kick back. He'll keep doing it several times, waiting for you to nudge before kicking each time, like he's playing a little game with you.
He has also gotten the hickups a couple of times recently, which is funny. We couldn't believe that some of the people in our birth class said the dads haven't felt their babies move yet. Chris has been doing a ton of bonding, playing games, and talking to the baby. Sometimes he can even play with the baby before I wake up in the morning, which I think is really sweet.
We also have finished painting our bedroom and the new carpet will be put in next week. I think the one we picked looks something like this (maybe a little bit lighter color):

We're definitely looking forward to moving back into our bedroom, by far the biggest room in our house, with new carpet and paint to make it feel much more like a nice bedroom and less like an old garage.

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Amy said...

I am excited to see your new room all finished.

And I love seeing the baby belly photos.

The bonding stories with Chris are sweet.

Thank you both for taking care of Beans and Shorty.