Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Beautiful Gift from Amy

Yesterday evening Amy, Adam and June came over . It was great to hang out with them, since we've all bee busy and haven't seen much of each other lately. June is getting so big! Amy brought with her a wedding gift that she made for Chris and I. A handmade pillow that commemorates our wedding day. She used our wedding colors and made this beautiful heart shaped cactus pattern.

A close-up to show how pretty the colors and the stitching are:

This was her first attempt at applique, and I think she did an amazing job with it. The back is a really nice soft velvet. This is something we'll treasure for a long time. Thank you Amy!!

While I'm here I also wanted to share a few snippets of our valentine's day, which seems appropriate to post with Amy's pillow since it's all about love :)

I made banana walnut pancakes for Chris for valentine's breakfast. Just one in the shape of a heart, since I'm not the expert pancake maker that my mom is (yet).

We used one of Tasha's many great ideas (it seems like I use a lot of her ideas...) to write our own hopes on a set of prayer flags to hang outside. We wrote down all kinds of things that we hope for Sesame's life, our life, going through birth, and lots of other things.

We both got teary-eyed when we read to each other what we had written on our flags. What a couple of saps! We hung them outside to blow our hopes into world every time the breeze comes along.

Lastly, we had Louisa and Sean over for a feast of tempura veggies (yams, asparagus, mushrooms, etc.) and brown rice nori rolls. Chris and I made the tempura together, and Lou and Sean rolled the sushi, kind of like teams. Louisa commented that people pay for this kind of stuff on valentine's day, kind of a couple's cooking effort.

We topped it off with some extremely decadent homemade ice cream sundaes. I made the ice cream and Louisa made hot fudge, and then we layered them with nuts, coconut, and dulce de leche. It was delicious, but probably not something any of us will need to eat again anytime soon :)


Jed said...

I like the typo - "we've all bee busy." Bee busy is a great line for a poem.

That tempura looks awesome.

Amy said...

Aww! So sweet. And not just posting the pillow. I love the heart pancake - it looks like it has the vena cava and everything. And that sushi looks so yummy.