Thursday, January 15, 2009

Santa Cruz Beaches

Over last weekend I went on a trip to Santa Cruz with my mom to visit for my Grandpa's birthday. It was fun to go on a trip with her, especially sitting in lots of different coffee shops and taking walks along the beach. We stayed mostly with my aunt Deborah who has a really cool, beautiful house at the top of a little hill. We also spent some time at my uncle Gordon's house, which is up in the redwoods. I wish I would have taken pictures of their houses to post here, but mostly I just took pictures of all the trips to the beach.

The first evening we were there, we walked along the most popular surfing area in Santa Cruz and watched the many surfers sit on glassy water in catching waves and the last rays of a colorful sunset.

On the last day of the trip we went with Gordon and Deborah to one of my favorite places, near Carmel, point lobos state reserve. We went on a couple of hikes recommended by Gordon, had a picnick, and then went to my favorite little beach maybe ever. The little beach is called China Cove. I love how tiny it is, and how blue the water is. This time the beach was covered in kelp that had washed up, but often it is just sand and just tiny waves to get your feet wet. This time it was too cold for feet wetting anyway.

We had a seafood dinner at a nice restaurant on the harbor on Monday evening to celebrate my Grandpa's 91st birthday.

Thank you very much Gordon and Deborah for letting us stay in your lovely homes and for the fun company! I hope to make a trip back to show Sesame the beach and let him go on a walk with Grandpa:)


glo said...

beautiful shots of the beach and the sunset - I really enjoyed traveling with you, and thanks for the coffees!

Amy said...

How beautiful.