Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rooms filled up with empty boxes

Over the weekend we spent a couple of days cleaning out our back room, bike room, junk room, whatever you want to call it. It was so full of stuff, you could barely walk in there. It felt overwhelming and we kept talking about getting rid of more stuff, but couldn't quite get motivated to go in there. We finally did it.
We took a load of stuff already designated for giveaway, and then realized that the filing cabinet and dresser were already empty. So were three of the large Tupperware containers, and almost all of the cardboard boxes. Hmm.
Amazingly, we had enough energy to organize some of the things we usually don't quite get to. We hung all our packs on the wall so we can actually find them.

I know, you're saying "that's too many packs!" Oh, wait, this is a blog entry so I can't hear you...
Chris hung up maps, we put our movies in there and moved the empty dresser into our room to hold the increasingly large collection of baby boy's overalls.

It's still just a storage room, but oh boy does it feel nice to have it cleaned out, and not to have a huge pile of stuff in one of the other rooms that came out of it :)

This is probably a pretty boring post. Life is a little uneventful lately around here, but really in a good way. I'll try to post interesting things, but this is pretty much what we're up to lately.

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gordon uncle-in-law said...

congradulations on a job well done. i just signed up on chris blog to express my opinion on LBA. I WILL CHECK IN ON YOUR LIFE THERE MORE FREQUENTLY. you guys are doing a great great great service to inspire us to clean up our collections. just wait till you are in your fifties to see how much stuff collects. my advice is to move every so often to pear down, or just do what you did and just do it once in a while like once in a blue moon. that should be enough ehh?