Saturday, January 3, 2009

Leftovers from our vacation

I had a few more photos from our Christmas travels that I didn't get around to posting earlier. So here they are. Chris spent a couple of days in amarillo cleaning out his mom's garage. His dad came to help pick up a couple of loads of stuff, and I couldn't resist snapping this photo of them. They couldn't agree on who got this favorite sweatshirt first, but both have called it favorite for quite a while.

One of the best meals of the trip was Christmas dinner at Chris's dad's house, where they made a Moroccan themed feast including several different dishes. Mmm.

So it wasn't really a photo-taking trip. We had a good time and ate a ton. I hope everyone else enjoyed the holidays, and happy new year (just a few days late:)

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Louisa said...

Moroccan themed, eh? What a cool idea! I would love to try that some time.