Saturday, January 17, 2009

Filling the house with baby stuff...

We bought a crib yesterday. Used, from craig's list. It's a really nice one and we got a great deal. When we walked in the door to look at it, not sure whether we wanted it or not, we only had to look at each other to know that we were both thinking, "oh boy, this is just what we wanted!"
It's a very light wood finish and the sides curve out at the top.
There are big sort of curved wooden rails along the top, and the side good down with one hand. I was so excited to get home and set it up. Chris put it all together and we marveled at it for about five minutes. It fit nicely into the space in between our bed and the window. I should have taken a picture of it there. As I looked at it sitting there though, I started to feel like maybe it was a little too early to have it just sitting there, waiting. I thought about it and felt like looking at it sitting there every day might take just a little bit of something away from the nice feeling of having the baby safe inside for another four months or so.
So, Chris took it down. He's the kind of wonderful husband that will do that kind of thing without much complaint, and he didn't even say he thought it was silly. So now it is sitting in the same spot, but not put together. We'll probably put it back together at the beginning of May and then it won't feel like we're trying to rush anything.
Anyway, I was still really excited about it so I'm posting photos of what it looks like taken down, and you can use your imagination.

The mattress.

So this is our "nursery" so far. I think we're doing pretty good.

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Amy said...

It is lovely.

And not at all weird to take it down.

I can think of many idioms to match the sentiment, but really... apart it seems more like this time of preparation and waiting. You will be ready.

The light is great in the photos. :)