Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cool house design ideas

Tasha forwarded me a link the other day to Cookie Mag's list of the coolest homes in 2008. There are some really cool photos of houses, particularly kids and babies rooms, and these are just a few of my favorites that I wanted to post so I have them here for inspiration.

I've been looking for a rocking chair for a while, but haven't found the perfect one. (also, I can't decide between a rocker, a glider, and some kind of bouncy chair...). I love the style of this one though.

There was an old white dresser at a thrift store in Gunnison that had blue glass knobs. I really thought about buying it for a while, but didn't really have the space. I love how this one looks in the bright room. Maybe I'll have to look for another one.

This crib is from Stephanie Nielson's house, a blogger who's blog I followed for a while. She has really great ideas.

Thanks for the inspiration, Tasha!

Photos from: http://www.cookiemag.com/magazine/blogs/nesting/best_of_2008/index.html

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