Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris!!

Today is Chris' 27th birthday. I'm excited because it means we're the same age again, and it's a great excuse to eat some sweets and celebrate. For his birthday we picked out a gore-tex type shell (jacket) that he's been needing for a while, but that we couldn't quite justify spending the money on until now. Not only because it's his birthday, but because he and Steve and Adam are planning to do a Grand Canyon backpacking trip over New Year's. It sounds to me like the best possible way to start a new year, since the Grand Canyon is one of my favorite places in the world, and backpacking one of my favorite activities. But I'll have to enjoy it through the photos, and the knowledge that Chris is going to enjoy this first trip down into the canyon with some great friends. Anyway, none of these photos are very new, but I wanted to post them anyway.
A day trip to see the sights outside Gunnison, CO.
A picknick beside Taylor reservoir, near Gunnison, CO.

Backpacking on the Long Trail, Vermont.
Waiting for a train in Spain with Steve and Tasha.
Happy Birthday Chris!!! I love you!

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Chris said...

Thank you so much baby! I love you too.