Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving part 2: The Rest

Well I had planned to write more about Thanksgiving much sooner. I had also planned to take pictures of our lovely dinner, and of the people giving thanks. I guess I was too thankful for all the feasting to remember. Here is what our dinner started out with, Nana's china.

A lovely centerpiece made out of leftovers from my mom's garden.

That was as long as I lasted before I forgot all about photographing and got busy cooking and eating.

Another highlight of our week off for Thanksgiving was a trip to Sedona with Fran and baby Tristan.

We hiked out the Cathedral rock trail to a place where I used to Mountain bike to called Buddha Beach. It's not really a beach, but a pretty place to hang out next to the creek, and there were lots of yellow leaves and of course, beautiful red rocks.

Chris came with us, but of course he rode his bike and had a great time.

We met up with the whole Suby family (my friend Juliana's family) at Buddha Beach, and then went to visit them at their rental house nearby. We doubled up on our Thanksgiving leftovers by eating with them in the afternoon. Mmm.

Last, we decorated my mom's little agave stalk Christmas tree with ornaments and lights (a tradition that we borrowed from the Suby family).

We're back in Tucson now enjoying a warm, sunny day, and it sure doesn't feel like it's almost Christmas.


Chris said...

Photos aren't always necessary, but the one of Fran at Budda Beach is quite cute. I had a blast this week, and its all because of you!

Amy said...

What a pretty weekend. I love that agave stalk tree.

natasha said...

I'm glad you guys had such a nice holiday. Everything seems so much more festive in Flag when it's cold, don't you think? Sedona looked beautiful. I love it when the clouds hang low like that.

Steve said...

Downside of friends doing cool stuff all the time is that it makes you really miss places like Buddha Beach. Me frown. I love shots of the clouds that low against the red rocks.