Sunday, November 23, 2008


Friday evening we were lucky enough to be invited to Steve and Tasha's for Steve's birthday, and to make Tamales. I'd never made them before, and was really excited to learn. Luckily we did learn from the neighbor, Jose. Tasha tells the whole story in a very entertaining way, including some good photos, on her blog I'm not going to tell the story, just put a few of the photos that I took to add to her telling.

Tons of CSA chiles that have been hoarded for this:

Steve and Chris in the kitchen:

All the tamales in the pot, almost there...:

And finally, the finished product, cheesy and delicious:

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natasha said...

Thanks for your comment and I love the pics you took of the tamales. The detail on the corn husks in that picture where they're all in the steamer - amazing! Glad to hear you're making them again this week. You'll have to let me know how it goes.