Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunsets and Eggrolls

The sunsets and the eggrolls have very little to do with each other, except that I wanted to post all three of these photos today. The sunset is from last weekend, and I should have posted them sooner, but I thought this Monday morning would be good for a sunset anyway.

The eggrolls I also made last week. I love these. I think the first time I made them this way might have been in Gunnison, and it's been a long time since I thought about them, but they were good. I think I'll have to make them more often.

For the filling I use:
a Portabello mushroom cap
purple cabbage
bean sprouts

I saute all these together, and then wrap them in egg roll wrappers. If you've never made eggrolls before, there are a couple of important things to know:
1) You put the filling in diagonally, pull the first two corners together, and then carefully pull the third corner over and roll it, making sure there is no filling coming out (it will make the oil splatter)
2) Use a little bit of water on your finger to wet the last corner, which will make it stick.
3) Place a damp paper towel over the open package of wrappers; if you don't do this, they dry out and stick together, which makes the process a lot more difficult

Fry them in oil hot enough that it bubbles furiously as soon as you put them in, and enjoy. The yummy fillings make this seem like a relatively healthy dinner despite the frying. I like to dip them in soy sauce or spicy mustard, and sometimes a hot sauce.


natasha said...

Wow! The sunset pictures (but esp. the second one) are amazing. Are they taken from your house? And thanks for the egg roll recipe. I had forgotten about how much I love homemade eggrolls - but now I can't wait until I can make some for myself!

Jed said...

Those sound amazing... though I see no egg in the recipe for your "eggrolls." Methinks you are trying to pull a fast one.

emery_rose said...

Hmm, that's true about the eggs...
I wonder where I'm leaving them out. Why are they called eggrolls anyway?

Jed said...

I think the wrappers were originally a fancy egg noodle sort of thing.