Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Road Trip to Nowhere

On Sunday Steve, Tasha, Chris and I set out for the Gila Box. It was a scouting mission to see if the Gila Box would be a good place for Chris to take 10 middle school students on a camping/hiking trip. We drove out past the Dragoons on I-10, saying, "this would be a nice place to stop sometime.." and kept on driving for maybe another 2 hours or so. After about 3 hours of driving we reached the road we thought would go across the Gila river and to the campground (that's what the map showed). Wrong. We turned around and headed back toward the road at the other end. Another half hour later, and a ding on the bottom of our car from a rock that didn't look big enough to hit anything, we pulled into what I thought was one of the ugliest campgrounds I've been to in a while. True, I was biased by wanting so badly to see something other than brown desert, but still.

We thought, well at least we saved Chris the trip with a group of students...

The picknik area down the hill was actually really pretty. Beside the Gila river there were trees changing colors, and it was nice to look at the river. The sound of shooting (probably at the 'No Shooting' sign, thought Chris and Steve), and someone's car stereo blasting music just downriver made it seem a little less than pristine. Some of the photos turned out cool though, so I thought I'd share them.

We didn't last long at the picknik area before getting back in the car. On the way home we stopped at "The Thing" - we didn't see the Thing though, because it cost a dollar, and we decided to spend our money on ice cream cones instead.

Finally, driving back through the Dragoons with late afternoon sunlight, we exited on Dragoon road, expecting to be able to pull over and hike out into the cool rock formations. No Trespassing. There was a little spot though, and we walked up to the top of a little hill to watch the sunset. The day certainly wasn't all bad. It was like a roadtrip where you get to sleep in your own bed at night, Tasha suggested. I guess that's a good way to describe it.

I liked this photo Tasha took of Chris and I sitting on our rock in the Dragoons.

Right after this photo was taken was when we decided to start telling people that we are having a baby, due in May. We're very excited, but kept the secret for quite a while. Now we hope everyone will be celebrating with us and sending us lots of good energy.


glo said...

I'm still grinning. Yesterday I went to Zen baby and the sales girl was really understanding when my eyes filled with tears looking at diapers. Overcome by my emotions. I'm so happy for you - what an amazing fall this has been. So much hope and promise for the future. I like the idea of taking a road trip and sleeping in your own bed too - good tip.

Gina said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you both! Besos.

natasha said...

Great post and I love the title. That is EXACTLY what it felt like. I love the picture of the cracked mud - and it is a great pic of you and Chris because you just really look like you like eachother;). (Sorry I cut your hands and feet off in it - you didn't need those anyway, right?)

I'm so happy you guys are having a baby. You're going to be wonderful, wonderful parents.

Jed said...

Hooray! All your pieces work!

Seriously - that was the best breaking of news for a long while now.


Tracey Hayes said...

How exciting...I'm so happy for you both. I know you'll be amazing parents. Congratulations!!!

Zen Baby is great. They have these wool diapers that are awesome, the lanolin mixes with baby's urine to make a natural soap, just rinse and hang dry.