Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Member of the Household

I know what you probably think I'm going to write about, but you're wrong. Sorry.

This is about Chris and his shiny new bicycle, which he loves. I wish I could have captured just how much his eyes lit up when the box arrived on the Fedex truck.

He is hugging the box in this picture.

Actually, he ran after a Fedex truck earlier in the day that turned out to be the wrong one. He'll have to tell you more about that.

The reason I call this (loosely) a new member of the household is because, as many of you already know, bikes have their own room in our house, and on any given day, few people would be surprised to see several bikes also taking over another room in the house. So here it is.


natasha said...

What great pics of Chris with his new toy - he looks like a kid on christmas morning. Has he named the bike yet?

Jed said...

My fingers are slipping across the keys from my drool.
Chris... details.

Amy said...

So cool.

I love Chris's hat too.

Gina said...

hip hip hooray!
hahahahaha! i love imagining chris running like a puppy down the street after the wrong truck!
adorable! congratulations!