Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Colin turns 25

We didn't do a big party or anything for Colin's birthday yesterday, but he and Maya and I went out for pizza and wings, mmm. You know, a good healthy dinner. Then we came back and ate birthday cake. I made a carrot cake, Colin's favorite, with cream cheese frosting.

So, here is my recipe for "the best carrot cake ever, guaranteed."

Go to Albertson's with every intention of buying a bag of carrots. In a moment of laziness, veer toward the baking aisle, just to look, and end up in front of the cake mixes. As you're standing there looking at all the moist, moister, and moistest cakes pictured on the fronts of all the boxes, notice a sign that says, "the best carrot cake ever, guaranteed"
Well, what would you do? They guarantee that it's the best carrot cake ever, how could I even hope to compete? So I made the cake from the box. I picked out the raisins though.

I wouldn't actually say it was the best carrot cake ever, definitely not. But it was good, and what made it exciting was the homemade cream cheese frosting from the joy of cooking.


Jed said...

There was a bakery in LA called The Angel Bakery. They had a carrot cake that made my eyes roll back in my head - in a good way. Not in a poisoned apple sort of way. Happy Birthday Colin. I hope the aliens visit you.

Amy said...

It looks from the picture like it made Colin happy. :)

I think that is cool. Makes me think of my own brother.

Happy Birthday Colin!