Monday, October 13, 2008

Tucson Meet (a.k.a. Eat) Yourself

As I mentioned last week, this weekend was Tucson Meet Yourself, and event which many people in town call 'Tucson Eat Yourself.' This year we sampled Greek, Thai, Indian, and Israeli food. I was really excited about the fried banana dessert from the Phillipines, but the booth was having propane problems so they didn't have them! Maybe next year.

It was a chilly evening. Louisa and Chris said they remembered it being cold last year, but for me, after a Tucson summer it's a little hard to remember ever having been cold. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to be able to wear jeans and a sweatshirt this fall. I finally put them on, thinking I might be too warm but oh well. I should have had a jacket! How can it go from nothing but a T-shirt and shorts weather to too cold for a sweatshirt and jeans in the same week?

I was using Chris' little point and shoot Nikon camera, since it conveniently fit into my little purse for all of these photos. I liked how there was enough light to get a photo without the flash, and you can see some of the movement in the crowds. I think maybe the chilly weather kept the crowd smaller, which we really appreciated.

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natasha said...

That sucks they didn't have the fried banana things but that makes me feel a LITTLE better about the fact that I didn't make it to TMY this year. Steve's convinced they'll be easy to make so maybe we'll have you guys over and give it a try sometime soon.
I hear ya on the extreme weather change! I still can't get my head around the fact that a week ago I was still overheating when I rode home from work and today my lungs were stinging from the cold by the time I got home. I mean, I know I'm a wimp, but come on! This is nuts!