Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumkin Pie for Fall

It did feel like fall here last week, sort of. This week it feels like it's in the mid-nineties, which it is. It's funny that even though it's still in the nineties, it seems like a lot of people in Tucson just decide that it's fall anyway. We put away our shorts, and start wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts. Anyway, Chris and I finally made our pumpkin pie last week, using a recipe from The Joy of Cooking. It did taste a little like fall.

Chris pureed the pumpkin, which was baked, in the food processor. Amazingly, it made four cups, exactly the amount the recipe needed for two pies. I guess that pumpkin was made for us.

I made the crust from another Joy of Cooking recipe. It was called 'pat in the pan butter crust.' It was a little like playing with play-dough. You just take a little ball of crust and press it into the pan, and then keep doing that until the pan is full. It turned more like shortbread than normal pie crust, but it tasted good to us.

Here's how it turned out:

Chris and I have been really enjoying having enough time to do some cooking and baking lately. We get some interesting greens and veggies from the CSA and we've made some yummy things. The only bad part is, when we get done our kitchen usually looks something like this:

Oh boy...

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Chris said...

I don't mind the dishes as much anymore, now that we have homemade PIE!