Friday, October 10, 2008


This week has been a little bit slower, and instead of making really interesting home-made dinners and things, here's what we did.

Yep, even after the old lady at Whole Foods congratulated us for never needing to eat out...

I've been wanting to do more blogging, but just haven't taken any pictures, or had any very interesting thoughts this week. I'm really looking forward to Tucson Meet Yourself this weekend though, which many people also call "Tucson Eat Yourself" - the main part of the event is lots and lots of food booths from all different countries. One of my favorite things is the deep fried bananas in egg roll wrappers (I think they're from the Philippines... shoot, did I miss the point?).

Anyway, I had a little bit of a crappy week at work, but I promise to take some pictures this weekend and write something interesting :)


Gina said...

yay! when are you going to Tucson Meet Yourself?

Louisa said...

Hi Em,

I hope Tucson Meet Yourself helped to raise your spirits...even if they didn't have those awesome bananas. Guess what, though? I have eggroll wrappers in my fridge! What would you say to dinner this week, finished with a dessert of fried Philipino bananas? I know the boys were going to do a bike night -- let's make it a double date! : )