Sunday, October 19, 2008

Madera Canyon Campout

We decided to get out of town for a little camping trip this weekend to test out our new sleeping bags. They are awesome, although slightly warm for desert camping when it's still as warm as it has been.

The campground up in Madera canyon was already full, and although we would prefer to be away from other people, we weren't sure where else to go on such short notice, and with only a couple of hours of daylight left. We chose a small site in the lower campground. A short walk up the road gave us some great views, but our camp site was pretty surrounded by scrubby mesquite trees.

We settled in to our camp and got our camp chairs positioned around the fire-ring before realizing that neither of us had remembered to bring matches or a lighter. Chris made a valiant effort to start one with a stick.

He probably would have succeeded after a while, but we decided that it probably wasn't worth spending the whole evening with sticks and a pretty faulty bow just hoping for a spark.

We walked up and saw the sunset, which was beautiful. Luckily we had brought pasta salad for dinner so it didn't need to be cooked (you could also think of this as unlucky, since our camp cooking utensils include a lighter, but...). We enjoyed the pasta salad and some peanut butter cookies, watched the last of the sunlight fade, and then we looked at the stars for a while. At probably around 7:30 or so, having looked at the stars for quite some time, we said, "Well, should we go to sleep?" And we did.


Chris said...

I coulda been a contenda!

Chris said...

What a lame comment for such a beautiful post. I meant to say something that would be comical AND save face for fire by friction failure. Maybe next time I'll be less forgetful, or more energetic when toiling on the ground making fire with my hands.

natasha said...

I love how many unexpected adventures camping can yield! Also, when else do you have an excuse to sleep for 12 hours? It sounds like you guys had a great time and I'm bummed we couldn't join you. Hopefully next time. (Though I can't promise we'll be any better at remembering to bring lighters or matches - or starting fires for that matter!) Great pics, Em.