Monday, October 27, 2008

A Clean House

Over the weekend we decided it was time for a new bed. The old one, which is now our guest bed, is still very comfy for guests (hint, hint), but our backs were starting to feel the night after night on an old mattress ache. We spent most of the weekend organizing, getting ready for a yard sale, and finally, for the first time, having both of our bedrooms set up!

The guest room looks really nice, with maybe overly colorful covers, but we like it.

In the living room I put our oriental rug back out, which makes the room feel a little more together, instead of just a collection of furniture in an oversized hallway.

Our bedroom looks pretty much the same, but with a different colored bedspread that makes the tapestry stand out a little more.

In the dining room we set up for a steak dinner with Steve and Tasha last night, using some placemats that Gram gave me and a tablecloth that was a gift from Ben and Gina.

I even mopped the floors, which feels so nice. Chris took apart our bed frame and cut it to actually fit our mattress (using the really awesome tools that my dad got us). We also hung these little prayer flags out on the front porch. They each have something written on them by somebody at my shower. Now all the well-wishes are being sent into the breeze around our house.


Chris said...

I think at least one of those prayer flags says something about how happy they are we found each other. I agree. There should also be one that says "Cleaning house is never a task with the one you love".

Amy said...

this is an impressive amount of work for one day!

natasha said...

Hey! I totally missed the fact that you'd hung those prayer flags! They look great! And Chris, I think there were a few free ones for you to add sentiments if you wish. ;)
Your house looks amazing and your mom will be a very lucky inaugural guest in your refurbished guest room....

Gina said...

how sweet and beautiful. i love the the satisfaction of a freshly mopped floor also.

glo said...

Your home looks so beautiful and has a great feel to it. Thanks for welcoming us for the weekend.