Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cienega Creek Picnic

Chris and I had planned to go camping, but were scared by the big dark clouds gathering yesterday afternoon, and decided to stay home. We were sad (even though it actually did rain) because we both were really needing a little outdoor getaway.

This morning we woke up feeling like we needed to see something pretty, like a creek or some trees or something. Chris knew of a place just outside of town where he'd taken students, Cienega Creek. I'd never heard of it, but will definitely go back. It's a rare place near Tucson that actually has running water year round (a little bit of water, but still).

From the top, it looked like this.

Typical pretty Tucson desert, but I was really craving the sound of rustling leaves, something to remind me of what fall feels like. Within just a few minutes, we dropped into a little canyon with a creek, and cottonwood trees! Lots of them. They even had some leaves that were turning yellow, and there were yellow leaves on the ground to make that crunching sound of fall!!

This really cool looking grasshopper had no idea he would be participating in a photo shoot today.

One of my favorite parts of the day was putting my feet into the chilly water, and wandering up the creek enjoying the feel of running water on my toes.

We enjoyed our picnic under the cottonwoods, listening to the gurgling of the creek and the sounds of rustling leaves. Chris told me he'd never really noticed the sound of cottonwood trees until I mentioned to him that it was one of my favorite sounds. I love the sound. I remember sometimes on backpacking trips, or hiking trips through cottonwood or aspen trees, I kept thinking I must be getting close to a rushing river. That was the sound of the leaves. I always think of a sort of river of wind rushing through the treetops.


Chris said...

I loved our little picnic, and the pictures are fantastic!

natasha said...

Ooh! This looks so sweet! I'm glad you two succeeded in finding something pretty - and fall, for that matter. Please kidnap me and take me with you next time you go! :)
And, yeah, great pics! (As always).

Amy said...

What a lovely getaway. I am impressed that you found real water, and fall leaves. The leaf floating in water is my favorite.

kim said...

Can you please tell me the directions to get to this spot? We camped somewhere near here previously, but it was definately not this nice! We are heading down again in 2 weeks and are looking for a better camping spot.

Kim in Phoenix

emery_rose said...

I don't remember the directions to get there exactly, but I think it was just off of I-10 a little ways east of Tucson (just barely out of town). I would guess there's probably a sign to Cienega creek there. Or, you can probably google it? Sorry, this was quite a while ago and I wasn't the one driving :)