Monday, October 13, 2008

Baking Together

Sunday afternoon we had another cooking day. It was slightly less pleasant that other cooking days because my back has been hurting, so I was having a hard time standing in the kitchen for too long, but we still had a really good time.

I was inspired by a delicious thing that Tasha makes, Pumkin chocolate chip bread. I've been meaning to get her recipe, because I think it's the best, but I decided to use a recipe in the Joy of Cooking for now. I had a pumpkin waiting to be cooked, and I had every intention of using the pumkin in the bread.

But, at the last minute I decided that I really really wanted some pumpkin pie, and I had these pesky yams and butternut squash that were already baked and sitting in the fridge. So.... I saved the pumpkin and I made yam and butternut squash chocolate chip bread and muffins. They turned out surprisingly well, really (by the way, the cookbook did say that the recipe could be used for any summer squash or yams, so I wasn't totally out in left field on this one).

Chris made eggplant parmagiana with our eggplants from the CSA. It was really good. No offense to Chris' cooking, but how could anything smothered in that much mozzerella and parmesan, and fried, not be pretty tasty?

This was the best I could do of us in the mirror in the not-terribly-well-lit kitchen, but at least you can see how cute we looked wearing our aprons together.


natasha said...

Too sweet! I love that you guys had a baking day and both wore your cutesy aprons. So you didn't mention what became of the pumpkin pie - did you end up making it? If so, what recipe did you use? I've been looking for a good one...

emery_rose said...

We are going to make the pumpkin pie today. If it turns out okay I'll post the recipe :)

glo said...

You two are so cute in your aprons! I wish I could taste the result.