Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wedding Photos

My uncle Eric (who is very into photography) sent me some of his photos of the wedding this evening and I just can't wait to share a few of them. I'm usually very critical of photos of myself, as I know many of us are, but I just look so happy in this it's hardly possible to criticize any wrinkles, weird expressions, or whatever else I might have noticed in others.
These were posed by our photographer, Dan Williams, but taken over his shoulder by my uncle. I love how the girls dresses went together.

Hopefully there will be some more of the ceremony and of people other than the wedding ceremony to post, but for now I love these. The lighting was perfect, just like everything else. I feel so blessed by the rain, the sunset, and by the mood of love and support that everyone brought along with them.
Many families that have four different sets of parents (all divorced and remarried) have weird energy between people. We are so lucky that our big, confusing family can all enjoy an evening together.


Amy said...

I love these. Thanks for posting them! I am looking forward to (hoping for) some time to just ooh and ahh over all of them.

Tracey Hayes said...

great pix ...love the one of you in the doorway. I concur with Amy...more, more, more. :)