Monday, September 15, 2008

THE Wedding Photo Slideshow

I know you've been anxiously waiting (at least some of you) to see the wedding photos. They take forever to upload, but I finally had time to do at least half of them. I'll try to add some more tomorrow or Wednesday, but for now they go all the way through the ceremony.

The photographer did a great job at capturing us and the ceremony, not so great at getting all the guests and the rest of the wedding. I hope some of you can give us some photos of the rest of the people who were there. I hope you enjoy the first part of the slideshow!

If you click on the little box with four arrows on the lower right hand corner of the show, it should show it as a full screen.


Amy said...

Adam says that it looks like magazine quality, Hollywood level of beauty in the pictures, & such photogenic people.

Amy agrees.

And I say holy cow I am glad I got to participate in such a great event.

Adam agrees.

glo said...

I finally figured out how to watch the slide show. You are so radiant and beautiful, and are having so much fun. Everything was so lovely, and we all have beautiful memories to keep. Thanks for creating it!