Thursday, September 4, 2008

More wedding stragglers

My mom and Ron stayed a day longer than everyone else after the wedding. They rented a cool house up on the way to Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains, and enjoyed the pool and the warm days. On Tuesday evening we got some Pad Thai and went up there for dinner with them. The view was great, and there were a few little reminders of the wedding around to keep us company.

I loved that someone had used their boutonniere to decorate. I still thought the color was perfect with the lovely monsoon green desert.

The rest of the week has been catch-up. I have a paper due at work (actually I think it was sort of due in May, and then June, and well anyway, I should really get it done...)
Today was new employee orientation. First, let me point out that this was an orientation for new employees even though I'm going to be doing exactly the same job I've been doing for more than two years.
The leader of the orientation made us find a partner to introduce to the group. Seriously. We then learned all about the U of A, which, it turns out, has more that 37,000 students, and more than 14,000 employees. I'm sure it really matters if I meet the other twenty or so people at new employee orientation. At the end, when the guy who was the leader asked who thought the afternoon was a gross waste of time, I raised my hand. I did. I was the only one. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it. I really thought so, and he asked.
On a more positive note, here is a cool photo of the moon in the desert from the other day.


Mits said...

All the pictures remembering me about a big celebration. Nice pictures.


Amy said...

I love the moon photo.

And now I have to go get some pad thai...

glo said...

Oooh so Sunset magazine! Beautiful photos!