Tuesday, September 9, 2008

High Road House

In New Bisbee we spotted this little handmade side in front of a women's clinic. We couldn't resist taking a photo of it.

As promised, here are some more photos of the High Road House where we stayed in Bisbee over the weekend.

The Kitchen is filled with nice dishes, coffee, tea, granola, eggs, milk, and other nice things.

We loved sitting on the back porch eating breakfast. This is where we ate the eggs and toast I showed the other day.

The view, both from the porch and from the big windows in the house (what you see when you wake up in the morning) is this:

Downtown there was a "plein aire" painting competition going on, with live music and plenty of local artist who turned out to display their skill at painting Bisbee. It was fun to see some of the places we'd seen in our wandering around town depicting in the style of each artist on easels along the main street.

Now that we're home it's back to work again. Next weekend we might go camping outside of Flagstaff, maybe in Oak Creek Canyon if we're brave enough to drive all the way down there without the guarantee of a camping space. We're going up with our friends Adam, Amy and June. Chris and Adam planned the trip for the purpose of some mountain biking at reasonable temperatures, but I think Amy, June and I will have a good time, especially if we can find a nice little spot to relax beside the creek.

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Chris said...

I especially enjoyed the view when waking. YOU! Now that we're married I can say that sort of cheesy stuff!