Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bisbee Honey (mini) moon

We spent the weekend in a gorgeous little vacation house called the High Road House, overlooking the little town of Bisbee. The house is owned by the wonderful parents of a very good friend of mine, and I highly recommend it for a little vacation.
Bisbee is quirky, really, but charming. We spent most of the weekend wandering through the little alleyways and up and down some of the steepest streets I've ever seen. We also, of course, spent a good amount of time sitting in (I mean sampling) the local coffee shops.
Helen left us fresh eggs, milk, coffee, juice, jellies, and a delicious olive bread in the house. We made scrambled eggs, coffee and olive toast in the morning and ate it on the little porch with a lovely view of the houses on the other side of the canyon.

There are several antique shops in town filled with western paraphernalia. I think maybe I should start wearing red cowboy boots all the time...

The absolute highlight, I think, according to Chris was the Bisbee Bicycle Brothel. At first, I admit, I was wondering what could be so special about another bike shop. Well I was wrong. This was more like a bike museum, overfilled with some of the coolest collector road bikes we'd ever seen. We lingered there for quite a while.

I loved the way the light streamed in through the big windows. I took so many pictures of the colorful bikes all lined up together.

Chris thought he was in heaven, I was pretty sure. When I asked him though, he pointed out that although pretty good, he would have liked it even better if it had been all mountain bikes. Oh yeah, how could I forget?

We had a wonderful lunch at the High Desert Market. Veggie pizza and a garden salad. We wandered around the market looking at local cheeses and meats, and we bought some basil and tomatoes and nice pasta to make dinner.

Our house was beautiful and I have lots of photos of it. I'll post them soon.

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glo said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun on your "minimoon" Can't wait to see more pictures of the house.