Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beaver Creek Portraits

On our way home from Flagstaff we stopped at the little picnic area along Wet Beaver Creek. I loved introducing Adam, Amy and June to the world of hidden treasures like this place that can be found just off the highway (in what looks like cactus and brush as far as the eye can see) if you know where to look.

We sat beside the creek in the shade of large Sycamore and Cottonwood trees. Put our toes in the surprisingly cold water, and ate chips and salsa, which you can see on June's face in some of these photos.

I've been thinking about trying to start my own portrait business for a while, and have been inching in that direction. Amy also wants to join in with the project and she has a great eye for taking photos, as well as maybe a little more business sense than me...? So I'm hopeful. I'm also practicing with Lightroom, and discovered a new way to export photos. I really like it and I'd be interested in opinions about it.

I got some precious mother-daughter photos of Amy and June.

I love this one of little daughter feet with mommy feet splashing in the creek.

Here is a similar one of June splashing with her Dad.

I love being around Adam and Amy for a lot of reasons, but one of the big ones is how much they seem to like being around each other.

We tried to do some family portraits. June would only sit still for a moment, but there were a couple of nice family photos.

Amy got a couple of nice shots of Chris and I too.

This was a great place to sit, and a great place to take pictures. I haven't quite mastered resizing the photos for the blog without losing a little of the image quality. I'm working on it though and I can only get better. If any of you readers are interested in doing a photo shoot to bolster my portfolio let me know...

p.s. Amy and Adam wearing matching outfits was just a coincidence.


Amy said...

Man you got these posted fast!

I can't enjoying looking at these, and can hardly get the smile off of my face. Thank you very much for the family photo shoot.

I think I need to practice with the D40 so I can capture better light on your faces next time. I am glad you liked a few of them though, so long as there was something! :)

June asked for you a dozen times before bed. I told her you went home to your house. It is sweet how she misses you.

Amy said...

Ooops. I am sure you figured I meant to write "I can't help but enjoy..."

Oh, and the black borders are very nice.

That top photo of June, with a bird's eye view, is stunning.

natasha said...

I love these pictures! They're great photos (and it helps to have such photogenic and attractive subjects)! What a beautiful family! Em, I love the pics of you and Chris - especially the top one. And it's cool how the color of your shirt matches the sandstone almost perfectly. Did you plan that? Can't wait to see you and hear more about your trip!

Amy said...

That coincidence (of dressing the same) seems to be happening more and more. I hardly notice. Adam does. Tee hee.

emery_rose said...

The dressing the same is funny. It sure worked nicely for this little photo shoot though!