Monday, August 18, 2008


We went up to Flagstaff over the weekend and saw several of our close friends. Part of the reason for going was to visit Magan, my longtime friend who now lives in Chile with her gorgeous little daughter and husband. They are visiting for a few weeks, and we love getting to see them. We were pleasantly surprised to arrive and find out that Luellen, another great friend, had changed her travel plans and flew from Ethiopia to Arizona. We had a wonderful time catching up. I'll have more photos, but here are just a couple of somewhat abstract ones that I liked. I left mostly the yellows in both images, and like the way it makes the subjects stand out.

This is Fran and her new baby. I'll have a few more of him. I like the way her neck is in focus, and the rest is a little softer.

Lu showed up after a summer in Ethiopia wearing all these pretty bracelets. These ladies have great style.

It was amazing to be with these women that I've grown up with. We all look the same every time, but now there are babies and children in the midst of everything. The changes in the little ones is the only way to tell any time has passed since we were last together, and who knows how long before they're all in Arizona again.

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