Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm still catching up on sharing some of the photos from trips this summer. I know I like to put a few too many photos sometimes, but really, I'm trying to restrain myself...
These are a few more from the trip to Amarillo. The monsoon storms had left these huge, mirror-like pools in the low parts all along the road. This drive is usually brown and dry. It was fun to see the desert with so much water.

We usually don't stop as often as we should on road trips. There's so much pressure to estimate what time you'll arrive. The estimate is always short, so you end up pushing to get wherever you're going faster than is actually possible.

On this road trip we actually took our time. We left a day early, and we stopped every time we saw something that would be a pretty photo. We took backroads to get home, which I will make an effort to do much more often, especially because I was inspired by (and I know it's a little silly) the movie 'Cars'. I loved this movie because of the Northern Arizona, Route 66 scenery that made me miss going on more camping trips in that area. Althought it is a silly cartoon, I recommend the movie for anyone who has any closeness with Utah and Arizona, route 66, or maybe needs to take the interstate a little less often.

These photos were on the little highway that connects Hatch, New Mexico, with Deming, New Mexico. You just can't stop like this on the freeway.


Amy said...

If I took pictures like yours, I would post all the time too! Seriously. They are really gorgeous. LOVE that top one.

Jed said...

I like the bottom photo best. To wax artistically, it really captures your words. You talk about leaving the highway to really see things and experience the journey. Here we have a small piece of the road that is left behind, only to discover such a magnificent scene.

Good stuff.