Saturday, August 9, 2008

End of Summer

For those of you who live in Tucson (and those who know Tucson), you know this is not the end of summer. At least not in terms of the end of 100 degree days, or any kind of pretty orange leaves and cool breezes. We can't expect that for a few more months.
It is the end of summer though, in terms of the good old 'summer vacation.' Chris is back at work. This means, fewer fun vacations, more time around the house. Instead of planning for vacations, now we're planning what to eat for the week, and how to do it without going out for too many meals.
The other evening I walked into the kitchen, and saw our little carton of tomatoes sitting in the dish drainer.

I would not have put the tomatoes there. I probably would have put them on a paper towel or something after I washed them. Chris washed them, and put them in the dish drainer. I love this about Chris, it just makes so much sense. Instead of doing things the 'proper' way, he does things that make sense.
Having a lot of time at home on weekends gives us some much needed time to just piddle around the house (piddle, I think that's my mom's word). Chris' idea of relaxing is doing something like working on bikes. He loves bikes, and anything even remotely related to them. I can hear him in the backyard grinding away on his latest project. I can't put a picture of the project, because it's supposed to be kind of a secret (it's not a helmet that looks like his hair).

I just wanted to write about Chris because I like him. I love him, of course. But I also like him. I like that he likes to do projects like this, and the way that he sits on his feet like a kid. I know that most of you who know Chris would agree that it's pretty hard not to like him.

I noticed a bee in our flowers today. It was exciting because of the news about bees disappearing. I hope to see a lot more bees on these flowers as it cools off and the monsoons encourage the growth of these flowers.
I'm also still learning to use lightroom, and had some fun experimenting with these.


Chris said...

I have to clarify, sitting like that is getting harder these days. I must be getting older, or just growing more of a beer gut!

Amy said...

Okay Chris has no beer gut. That is just that.

And I loved reading this post. And I agree, Chris is very likeable.

natasha said...

Yes - I definitely agree that Chris is a hard person not to like. But I'm kind of bummed that his secret project isn't helmet hair. ;)
Em, your doctored photos are really cool. I especially like how the pink flower looks in the second photo - like the color is being sucked out of it by the bee.

emery_rose said...

Ooh, I love that description of the last photo. The bee sucking the color out. I'm bummed about the helmet hair thing too.

Gina said...

what a sweet little love letter! i love that picture of the adorable tomatoes.