Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Roatán to Copán

After a rather rocky start to the morning and a scamming cab driver the day improved as our bus climbed into rainy mountains approaching Copán. The landscape is such a bright green it’s almost unreal, and the high mountains engulfed in clouds add another dimension to the otherworldlyness of the spectacle.

We’re beginning to appreciate the ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread as there is no other food to be found on a full day of ferries and bus rides.
We arrived in the sweet, cobblestone-paved town of Copán shortly before sunset. The taxi that took us to our hotel was more like a like motorcycle with a canvas cover. It had a driver and a navigator seated precariously on the side of the driver’s seat.

The navigator was friendly and interested in talking, which made us feel instantly comfortable. The feeling in Copán of comfort and friendliness has continued.
Our room is tiled with red tile, has a high ceiling with wood beams, a nice mosaic tiled bathroom, and a little writing desk. The hotel belongs to a nice couple, and includes a main room filled with books, free good Honduran coffee, a TV with cable and movies, and advice from the nice owner who is from New York. His wife is Honduran. We haven’t met her yet, but have heard that she makes good breakfasts in the morning that are served in the garden that sits outside our door. The garden has hammocks, tropical plants and flowers, tables, and a view of cloud-covered mountains and countryside that I could look at for hours.

Honduran typical fare was a surprisingly satisfying dinner at a local restaurant. The plate usually consists of refried beans, an egg, some ham, sour cream, a piece of salty cheese a little like feta, and fried plantains. While it may not sound exciting, we thoroughly enjoyed it this evening. It is quite a satisfying meal that Hondurans seem to eat for both breakfast and dinner.
Having woken up at 5:00 AM to catch the ferry from Roatán this morning, we’re relaxing this evening. More exploring and photos to come.

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Chris said...

We made it! It's everything I was hoping for in a sleepy central american town.