Saturday, July 5, 2008

Roatán Arrival

We left Utila yesterday morning on a ferry ride that made us both a little seasick and boarded another ferry to the more popular island of Roatán.

Looking at Utila harbor from ferry:

We were amazed by how different it is, even being only a few miles apart. Roatán feels like what I imagine Hawaii or Costa Rica might feel like. Lots of tropical vegetation, beach that stretches out around the bend, and little restaurants along the ocean that offer fancy tropical drinks.

We walked along the beach at sunset and the colors were beautiful. We expected this island to be more developed, but found that the beach near our hotel is lined with trees and only a few unobtrusive resorts.

Our hotel is less wonderful than the one we stayed in on Utila. It does have air conditioning, a flushing toilet, a refrigerator and a TV though, so it’s much more upscale than some of the places we’ve stayed in the past. There are some ants that come out and try to make us feel at home.

Sunset from our porch:

Our pink hotel:

One more thing.

Thank you Mom and Ron for a lovely italian dinner the other night!!! We had hors d'ouvres, wonderfun dinners (I had homemade gorgonzola walnut ravioli, Chris had the best Tuna he'd ever eaten), a bottle of wine, and dessert. We really appreciated it.

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glo said...

We are glad you enjoyed a wonderful dinner and the tropical sunsets sound pretty good too. Today we walked on the beach in the fog... Love you