Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lightroom experimenting

I'm trying out another new photo-editing program, adobe lightroom. So far I really like the interface and I'm excited about what I've done with some of the photos. Here are a few that I liked from the trip to Amarillo.

The Blue Hole, on the way to Amarillo in Santa Rosa, NM, is a deep hole in the ground that incredibly clear water flows into. It's a popular place to learn to scuba dive, as well as a very nice swimming hole.

Abby jumping in the trampoline.

This is a detail of the top of Chris's stepmom, Lisa's Harley, which is very pretty especially with the reflection of the sky in it.

A couple of these looked a lot clearer before I exported them. I'll have to keep working on this, especially on that part of the process.

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