Monday, July 21, 2008

Sand and Slot Canyons

I've always loved photos of sunlight filtering down into a slot canyon. The walls are so close together that the light is often concentrated into a single shaft that comes through, and lets you see the cool, damp air. Slot canyons remind me of Northern Arizona, home, and of being in a quiet, solitary, thoughtful place. I miss being able to drive just a few hours and be in an amazing canyon, or forest, or have an amazing view, or swim in a river. I miss walking almost anywhere in town, and I miss that in Flagstaff, almost anywhere you are is within ten minutes of being in the forest, on foot.

These photos are obviously not of slot canyons, or of any of the other things I mentioned. They don't even really look like slot canyons, but there is something about looking into the center of a big agave that reminds me of a canyon. The way the light filters into a mysterious, hidden center somewhere inside.

This weekend Chris and I drove to Amarillo. We stopped at white sands on the way back, which was beautiful. It has been raining a lot recently, creating huge shallow puddles that reflect the sand and the clouds like mirrors.

I have a few more photos from the trip that are worth posting, but I'll put them up later.


natasha said...

These photos are all so amazing! I hope your white sands idea really does would be so cool!

Amy said...

These photos are so cool! Too many good ones in one post to point them all out!

They would make nice gift cards I think.