Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wedding Crafts

Craftmaking at Gina's house. Lot's of fun. I didn't do as much chatting as I may have if I hadn't been so absorbed in trying to get my craft project to work. I think it did work, and here are some photos of it.

I'm going to work on recruiting bead flower makers for bouquets and maybe some wedding decorations.

I've been working and working to make up hours at work that I'm going to miss this summer and haven't had time to take pictures even in the yard with my new camera. It's too heavy and fancy to be lugged on the Honduras adventure. I guess learning all the new buttons is going to have to wait a little bit.


Gina said...

consider me recruited for your bead flower team!

Amy said...

These are so beautiful. And you know I would love to help in any way with wedding prep. Just enlist me!