Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wedding food tasting

This morning Chris and I went over to the Wild Horse Ranch for our wedding food tasting. It was fun, delicious, and much more elegant than we expected just to taste the food. The table was set for us complete with nicely folding cloth napkins and fancy water glasses.

we tried several different kinds of meat with fancy sauces, picked out hors d'ouvres, signature cocktails, and lots of other things. One thing I'm very excited about it the prickly pear mojitos. Mmmm.

Have I mentioned before that I love Tucson in the summer. It's hot, yes. 105 today. But there's something about the heat that just makes things seem so mellow. Everything moves slowly. The sound of cicadas is like heat itself (I think I've mentioned this sentiment before). Also, sometimes when it's cool it starts to feel like there is some greenery missing from the greyness of the scenery here. In the summer though, the heat makes it feel like the real no-nonsense desert. I mean it is the desert. All the plants just seem more appropriate in the 105 degree heat somehow. Like it's their day in the sun, literally.

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Amy said...

That food looks yummy for sure. I like your sentiments about the heat - it makes sense.