Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Magic Kingdom

At first we didn't want to go to the magic kingdom. We were set on Epcott and the Animal Kingdom (which we still plan to visit). The draw of Magical Kingdom for us was that on Monday night it stays open until midnight, and the other parks close at around 9:00 PM. Since we are only going after the conference ends at four, we thought midnight sounded good.

Although it was crowded and the lines dissuaded us from many of the rides, we enjoyed wandering and people watching. Later in the evening the lines shortened and we rode a few that had sparked our interest. Chris loved the thunder mountain mine train roller coaster. I loved the jungle boat tour which, in the course of maybe fifteen minutes, takes you on a tour of the Amazon, the Nile, and the Ganges River. Amazing.

The castle is the center of the magic kingdom. In the evening there are fireworks above it and we had a great spot for watching them with a reflection of fireworks and magic, color-changing castle in the lagoon surrounding Tom Sawyer's island.

Chris did a great job catching the reflection of the fireworks in the water with this shot.

Another quintessential Disney event we marveled at was the parade of lights. By this point in the evening (around 11:00 PM) I was really amazing at how many people we dragging their half asleep, obviously exhausted and no longer interested children to yet another ride, store, or candy shop. Whoa.

The peacock was one of my favorite floats. I also enjoyed the giant fish. The most interesting part of Magic Kingdom for me was how much like Disneyland it is, and how many things I remember from a trip to Disneyland when I was maybe seven years old. The entrance, with it's hundreds of candy and ice cream shops (that is all you eat in your magical dreams right?) and the view of the castle is still pretty awe inspiring.

This evening we are headed to Epcott to see the world. Tommorrow we'll go to the Animal Kingdom to see mount everest and go on African Safari. Honduras is really going seem relaxing after this!


Amy said...

I think Honduras will seem like the antithesis of the magic kingdom... in a really great inverted way.

The pictures are really amazing. Your compositions are awesome and I gotta say, all the photos look very professional.

I love that you are blogging while away!

glo said...

Wow - what an amazing place. I am glad you are getting into the spirit of it - and that you are balancing it with Honduras - what a trip!