Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Digital darkrooms and mediochre subjects

Isn't summer supposed to mean being less hectic, sitting around baking in the Tucson heat?

It never works out that way.

There are still cacti blooming in the backyard, and I'm still experimenting with free trials of digital darkroom software. I tried Aperture, right now I'm trying photoshop elements, and next I think I'll look at photoshop lightroom.

The main problem with trying each of these programs is that the photos of my yard can only get so much better. I need to get out of here and try something else...


Amy said...

It was nice seeing you tonight, though we did not get much chance to talk. Let's make up for the lack soon ok?

Before we leave for sure.

The picture is lovely. I love the purple background.

Chris said...

Where is this flower in the yard? Crazy how you find amazing shots in a little cactus garden=P

natasha said...

That pictures is totally amazing! The color are so vibrant they look almost surreal!

Chris said...

congrats on the new cam!