Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting ready for a trip

Yes, another one. I wasn't finished I guess.

Yesterday it dawned on me that Chris and I are leaving on our trip to Honduras in less than two weeks. "I wonder if we should be thinking about antimalarials... or other things? I wonder if we should have made hotel reservations? I wonder if buying a plane ticket to a Central American country was enough planning..." I thought. Hmm...

Here are the things I have gotten ready so far.

I got a sunhat, some sunscreen, an assortment of Nalgene bottles, and the most important item for every non-itinerary-making, non-planning traveler, the guidebook. We went for a Moon handbook this time. I think it's going to be good, although I have to admit that it took a little courage to stray from the trusty Lonely Planet.

"Courage to use a different guidebook, but you're okay with going to Central America without thinking about Malaria, Dengue, perhaps other immunizations or traveler advisories...?" you might be thinking. Well, yes. That's pretty much how I do things. I live in fear of many irrational things, the dark, for example. When it comes to things like going to Honduras without a plan, however, I feel remarkably calm. I guess there's something about imagining being on an island in a couple of weeks that makes all the other parts of it seem like nothing compared to all the things I stress out about on a daily basis.

Just for fun, here are some photos of my new toy. I really like it as you probably noticed.


Amy said...

I remember talking about this in the car. :)

I had no idea you were afraid of the dark. Really?

emery_rose said...

Afraid of the dark, yes really. Actually I think it's ghosts that I'm afraid of, though I've never seen one. Nor have I ever believed anyone else who said they saw one. They really don't fit into my belief system at all. Nevertheless, I sleep with a relatively bright nightlight that happens to be in the shape of Jesus.