Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yesterday evening we walked through the world showcase, miniature replicas of the most quaint, idealizedm and obviously now commercialized of eleven of the world's (apparently) most popular countries. It's neat, but one thing I will say just to start out, whoever made the observation that Disney France was in any way even comparable to real France (or any other country) was out of their freaking mind. After hearing that someone could argue such a think I entered with awefully high expectations and was rather let down by the tiny, fake-looking, but fun pretend countries as Disney imagines them. That said, there were a few countries that I couldn't help but love.

Disney's version of Morocco provided some great photo opps. We had a good time trying to imagine the throngs of tourists as Moroccans at a bizzarre or something of that sort.

We also like Canada, of course. Apparently it is the only countries with any sort of natural attractions.

China was of course beautiful, and there were plenty of beautiful things to buy.

Japan's food made us happy. Probably one of the best meals of our trip so far (needless to say, we've not been frequenting the high-dollar Disney buffets).

On the other side of Epcot is Future World. I suppose this is what all the countries are going to look like once we all become highly-trained austronauts? We went on the Mars mission ride twice, and were especially impressed by the "more intense version" that simulates the feeling of gravitational forces as your spaceship leaves Earth's atmosphere.

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