Monday, June 23, 2008

Disney World Arrival

You know when you go to a place that you’ve heard about, seen photos of, and imagined so many times that when you finally get there you think, “I thought it looked better than this in the photos” or, “I wonder where that great photo was taken…”? Well I’ve had this experience, and I expected the same from Disney world. There’s so much hype, I thought. The magical world of Disney couldn’t possibly live up to all the hype, could it?

At the moment I’m sitting at a nice table under an umbrella surrounded by palm trees and pretty tropical plants. I’m facing a swimming pool that has several bridges going over and around it’s snakelike shape. The pool is filled with happy children, it has a white sandy bottom, and a sandbar where people can lie in the sand and pretend they are sitting on a little beach.

There is a white sand beach beyond the path where families cycle by in their cart-like bicycles built for four, but given that the water that comes up to this dreamy-looking little beach actually belongs to a lagoon, there is a sign that warns, “no swimming.”

While I am aware that I should be feeling appalled by the blatant consumerism of it all, the mere idea that someone could compare this place to anywhere real, and beyond that, could prefer it to a real place with real experiences, I find myself captivated. The place is enchanting. I’m five years old and it’s amazing. The cheesy-fakeness is quite well disguised in this fake cheesy world.

There are parts that feel tropical and parts that pretend to be just like I imagine Atlantic City must be.

We arrived at the airport yesterday, picked up our ratty backpacks filled with items we brought for our trip to Honduras, and boarded “Disney’s Magical Express.” The magical express is a fifty minute bus ride on a tour bus with stars printed on the seats and televisions that spout endless propaganda about just how many of your dreams are going to come true as you enter the resort.

Well, if one of my dreams was getting a free breakfast this morning then I am off to a good start. I went to pay for my coffee and bagel and cream cheese and found that I had misunderstood just how useful my “key to the world card” was. Not having brought any cash with me, I was so embarrassed that the “cast member” at the cash register told me I could just go, and take my breakfast with me. I imagine that compared to the oversized plates of biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs, Belgian waffles, and other amazingly dream-like breakfasts I probably looked a little pathetic even before I found out that I couldn’t pay.

The photo opportunities at Disney World are endless. As we arrived yesterday evening it was raining, and when the sun came back out just before sunset, the lighting was ideal. The colors all reflect off the lagoon, and the “tropical beaches” and gargantuan resorts light up as if it really was a dream world.

One thing I noticed right away about Disney world I could take photos of all day if I didn’t want to save room on my memory card. The light fixtures. The light fixtures are incredible. I know that someone is trying to create a dream world here, but wow. These light fixtures are magnificent.

The fountains are also quite spectacular.

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Amy said...


These photos are AMAZING.

By the way... I can tell you have left Tucson. :) Feel free to ignore my email.

And I'm so glad you are enjoying Disney World.