Monday, June 30, 2008

Coral Island

We wandered to the other side of the island past the old airport where the bigger waves hit the shore. Everything not covered in the shallow water of the mangrove lagoon is old coral. Even the road is made of crushed, recycled, dead coral.

These photos are not black and white. The coral on the shore is all grey.

The “Technicolor” living reef that lies just beyond the beach under those waves turns into building materials for islanders who constantly battle the fact that their island is little more than piles of coral from the reef and plants. Most of the houses are on stilts to stay out of the water. It seems sort of like an island that sits a few feet beneath the surface of the ocean.

Here is another self-timer portrait. They’re turning out quite good so far.

Just some plants with waves in the background.


natasha said...

So cool, Em! I love the first picture of the coral with the plant. It looks like a dehydrated brain or something. You guys look so peaceful in your self portraits. Can't wait to see the next round of pics. :)

Amy said...

I agree with Natasha. These photos are very peaceful. I love the "brain coral."