Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy summer

I've been running, well really driving around the last couple of weeks, and haven't had much time to take pictures or write anything. I just read Amy's blog, and she has a goal for the month of posting one photo per day of June. I think I need to make a goal for myself. I'll have to think about it for a while though.

I went to Albuquerque over the weekend to visit my cousins and played for a few days. Our favorite game of the weekend was a go-fish card game where the cards had pictures of Hawaiian fish on them. We learned the hawaiian names of several fish, and had an amazingly long attention span with this game.

My favorite fish name was Humu humu nukunuku apu a'a. It's fun to say the names of the fish. Here's what a real one looks like. We're going to be doing some snorkeling in Honduras in less than a month. I wish I could afford underwater housing for my camera. Maybe I'll get ahold of a waterproof disposable somewhere...

It's fun to spend time with kids. Everything seems so simple.

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