Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bando Beach

Self-timer portrait on our porch:

The beach near our house is on the inside of the barrier that divides the harbor from the open sea. This makes it feel somewhat like a swimming pool with a sandy bottom, from which you can look out into the waves of the ocean crashing on the coral reef along the shore.

Bando beach:

Self-timer portrait 2:

So far the snorkeling has been mediochre. We’re not used to the water, and are scared easily by the sheer unknown of swimming with fish and other creatures, plants, and who knows what else.

The fish biologist next door has assured us that we’re quite safe. He’s been stung or bitten many times by eels (which we were told live in the rocks just under our dock, so climb out carefully…), sting rays, jellyfish, and other creatures. Nothing to worry about.

Tomorrow we’ll rent bicycles to ride over to the beach on the opposite end of the harbor, further away than it looks, because we’ve heard the snorkeling is better over there. Go to a place called the blue lagoon, ask them if you can jump off their dock, and you’ll be right there in the reef, so they say.

It’s been windy so the waves outside the harbor are too big to go out snorkeling along the exposed beaches on the other side of the island. The wind isn’t bothering us otherwise though, because with our room being out over the water and the wind, there are no bugs at all. It also keeps us cooler when the wind blows in through the open door.

This photo is titled "relaxation":

The food here is wonderful. It’s sort of like Mexican food with its own style and some totally different things thrown in. It’s the kind of food that looks disappointing, but tastes incredible. There’s not much to do here, so hopefully this isn’t boring. We’re happy with the slow pace of things. You can see from the pictures that there’s plenty to look at.

The main drag:

From a restaurant this morning:

Lovely licuados:


Amy said...

I'm so sorry you're suffering this way... boredom must be awful.


I LOVE the photo of you and Chris #2. I wish we could join you guys for licuados. Cheers!

natasha said...

This looks amazing!!! I'm so glad to see you made it there in one piece and that everything is as beautiful and tranquil as you had hoped. Keep the pictures coming - they're stunning!