Monday, May 19, 2008

A Wish List

I'm not writing a wish list here, but thinking about wedding registry. Chris and I went to register for wedding gifts over the weekend. We went Saturday night and stayed until the store closed, and had so much fun that we decided to go back Sunday morning.

We already have a house that is overly filled with the sort of things you might register for and we didn't think registering sounded like a good idea at first. We found out that there were plenty of things we liked the idea of adding to our house. But beyond the materialism of it all, I enjoyed the fact that on a Saturday night, wandering around an empty store thinking about our life together was so fulfilling. Not the stuff, but the ideas -- where we might live, what we might do, etc.

This experience really added to our excitement about having a wedding. It was almost as though it was the first thing we have done to really acknowledge to ourselves that everyone we know will be coming to celebrate this event with us. I think it also helped us remember that there is more to it than trying to plan events, that there are things that we are doing for ourselves, and that after the big event is over, we'll be married! Of course I already knew that :), but it was a fun way to remind ourselves of what we're doing. Even though we were just picking out "things," I guess it felt also like we were making a wishlist for our life. As in the old saying, "picking out curtains together."

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Chris said...

I Love You! (and he curtains we picked)