Monday, May 26, 2008

The wedding turned out to be amazing even with the snowstorm. Everything was indoors, but there was a fire and everyone seemed happy to be up on the mountain in the snow. I didn't take a single photo during the wedding, which is sad. Not even of the bouquets that I arranged. The day before the wedding we drove all of the flower arrangements up and set things up.

The paper cranes and flowers add some great color, which was especially good with the snow outside.

It was pretty with the snow. On the way up there were plenty of aspen buds with a little dusting of snow.

The only sad thing about seeing the snow was that I missed seeing the blossoms on the cacti in our backyard. I missed them last year too. Maybe they just don't bloom for me to see.

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Chris said...

ha! you get snow instead of flowers and call yourself unlucky. If only we would've swapped....