Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wedding photography

There was an add on craigslist today advertising for a photographer. The person wanted to hire a photographer for their wedding this weekend. They were offering twenty-five dollars an hour for the whole ceremony and reception. For anyone who has never researched the cost of a wedding photographer,twenty-five dollars an hour is peanuts, and the woman wanted the photographer to do prints as well, which would mean the wedding would definitely not be worth doing for someone who was making attempting to make a living as a wedding photographer. For someone like me, however, who is building a portfolio, it seems like a good opportunity right?

I can't seem to muster the courage to call her. I think, "my camera doesn't have enough megapixels," or "the wedding is in the evening and I don't have a remote flash," or maybe, "I only have one lens, I would need a macro lens for things like the rings and the flowers, and a telephoto to get close enough without being in the way." Truthfully, these are good reasons. I don't think any of them is the real reason I'm not calling.

Part of it might be just how annoyed I am with our wedding photographers who keeps telling us, in a very pompous way, what a good photographer he is. It's not that he's bad, he's just not as good as he says. He does have an incredible camera though.

But, for a woman who is looking for a photographer 5 days before her wedding, and offering less than two hundred dollars, I should jump at the chance to make a little extra money and maybe add something good to my portfolio. I think I'm afraid. Paralyzed by the fear that someone might be dissappointed, even if they didn't care about it enough to hire a professional (or I realize that maybe they couldn't afford it. I'm not trying to be insensitive here).

For fun, I'm going to post what I have to offer as my "wedding photography" portfolio here. These are all scanned from negatives, or from older prints. I have a lot of work to do before I have something presentable, and it doesn't look like I'm getting right out there to do it either.

These two are from Maya's wedding. I was a bridesmaid so I didn't get to do any photos of the actual ceremony.

The rest are from a wedding I photographed last summer for a friend of Tasha's cousin. The bride looked like a model, which certainly makes things easier.


Amy said...

Hey maybe it is a teeny wedding and a short ceremony and reception? Maybe they are old and quick?

You could always inquire and try to get more details.

You have some great wedding shots here. I love that one of up above with the two guys running. (It seems men are always late to weddings. Not Adam though. :))

emery_rose said...

Hm, I've been so caught up in the you-need-at-least-one-year-to-plant-a-wedding world lately that a short notice all-around wedding didn't even occur to me.

Thanks for the ideas Amy, maybe I should call them.

emery_rose said...

I meant plan a wedding. I wonder what kind of freudian slip "plant a wedding" might be...

natasha said...

Hey Em, I'm just getting to catch up on reading your blog. If its not too late you should totally contact this woman. Your wedding photos are fantastic and she'd be getting a deal if she got you for $25/hour! That's nothing for the quality you'd provide - with or without all the perfect equipment! And it would definitely build your wedding photo resume. Let me know if it ends up working out...