Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wedding ideas

Well we've been planning the wedding for a while now, but it seems like just in the last two days a few things have come together that have gotten me really excited about the whole thing.

First, Chris found a suit at Marshall's, which was very surprising, and it looks like it was tailored to fit him (I think). It's a light kind of sand color, and he's really excited about it.

Also, his ring finally came in the mail yesterday, and it fits perfectly, and matches mine amazingly well. They're both titanium.

I also had some new things that I've very excited about, but I'm not going to mention them just yet because I have to tell my mom first.

Another thing, my friend Tasha had an idea to add to the centerpieces that I think will look really amazing. I want to do big wide bowls with about an inch and a half of water, and some of those magenta colored orchids floating in there with lots of floating candles. Tasha sent me this photo that she took of an agave type thing that we can add to make them really look awesome. Thanks Tasha!

I also think this is a really cool photo.

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