Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chris is making dinner this evening. Some of our friends were on their way out of town and offered us their share of the CSA veggies. We got some good stuff. It looks like potatoes are artichokes are almost ready.

There are some more flowering plants in the yard that I have posted before, but they look so different every day.

There was a cactus flower in full bloom when we went out onto the front porch this morning. It was already shriveled by the time we got home. Amazing that something so strikingly vibrant and alive could last such a short period of time.

Oh yeah, and I changed the name of my blog. My new background, which inspired me to change the name back to what I chose in the beginning, is a beautiful photo that Chris took.


Gina said...

Thank you for a beautiful evening that has just become lovelier with the introduction to your wondrous world of photo-distilled beauty! See you soon, my dear.

Amy said...

Your new banner photo is gorgeous.

We forgot to pick up our CSA share last week and it bums me out.